The Dealer is chosen after a single card is dealt to each player. The one with the highest card becomes the Dealer, and is given the distinctive Dealer Button. The button always moves clockwise around the table at the start of each hand.

You are now the Dealer.

How to

There are no cards at this time. The two players to the left of the dealer will make a bet so that there is money on the table. These bets are called Small Blind (SB) and Big Blind (BB).

Players 1 and 2 must post the two Blinds. In our game the Small is 100 chips and the Big is 200 chips.


You can only see your own cards. These are known as the Pocket Cards.


All players must decide to continue playing or to Fold (quit the hand).

If a player decides to play, they must pay the BB amount or raise the bet.

Player 3, to the left of the BB position, has to act now. They are in the “Under The Gun” position.


You have these options:

  • To Fold your cards (discard and stop playing)
  • Call the BB and continue, or
  • Raise the BB (bet more chips) to apply pressure.

You have an Ace/Queen, and it's a good beginning.
You should Call - let’s see what the other players will do.


Since the SB has paid only 100 chips, they have to pay another 100 chips to match the 200 BB bet if they decide to play their Pocket Cards.

In this hand, the SB player doesn’t like what they see in their hand, and Folds.


Now that it’s their turn they can:

  • Check (proceed without betting), or
  • Bet.

Player 2 must act first on this betting round. If they don’t have a good starting hand it’s best to just Check. That's what Player 2 does.


All chips are placed in the middle of the table. This is called the Pot, and it's the prize you're trying to win.

The next activity is when the Community Cards (those available to all players) are dealt.


All players can use these cards with their pocket cards to make their best hand.

This step is known as the Flop.


Since the SB has folded on the Pre-Flop, the next to play is the BB.

In this hand, the BB, Player 2, wants to Check. Maybe the Flop didn’t make a better hand, or are they bluffing only to attack your hand later?


Without a bet in front of Player 3, they don't have to Fold. Checking might provide a free card on the next turn, or betting could allow them to control the table and make other players Fold.

Player 3 likes aggressive play and makes a 200-chip bet.


To stay in the game you have to pay the 200 (BB) chips bet by Player 3.

You can choose to Raise this bet by paying the 200 chips and betting 100 more. If you don’t want to pay the bet, you can Fold your cards.
For this tutorial, you have Called in order to see what the other players will decide to do.


We'll see if Player 2’s plan was to attack by using the Flop.

However, Player 2 was bluffing. The BB is going to Fold and leave this hand.


All chips are now added to the Pot in the middle of the table.


All betting from now on doubles in size (200 to 400 chips). The first to play is the SB.

Since both Blinds have Folded there are two players left, you and Player 3. This is known as Heads up play. It's time for Player 3 to make an important decision.


With this Check, they're letting you start the hand. Why not?

The Ace of Diamonds is the fourth Community Card. You have Three-of-a-Kind with Aces. A great hand!

Let’s bet 400 chips to see if Player 3 is Bluffing or trying to trap you.


Following your bet, they can Re-Raise (bet more chips) if they think they have the stronger hand. That would be dangerous for you.

However, they could be worried about the two Aces on the table and might Fold.

Player 3 was aggressive from the beginning and decides to Call your bet and wait for the fifth card.


All chips are now placed in the Pot.

The next action is to reveal the fifth (and last) Community Card.

This round is referred to as the River.


Player 3 must play now, and bets 400 chips to put pressure on you. They might hold a Flush (all cards of the same suit) that resulted in their weak play on the Turn.

However, with this bet it now seems that Player 3 possibly has a stronger hand. What should you do?


However, Player 3 can’t know that the Queen of Clubs just dealt gave you a Full House! Three-of-a-Kind Aces and a Pair of Queens.

You have what it takes to get all of the chips. You decide to Call Player 3’s 400-chip bet and Raise it by another 400!


They should be wondering if this move was a bluff.

They decide to be aggressive again and Call your bet, thinking that you have a pair of Aces, and you made a daring bluff.


All the chips have been placed in the Pot.
It’s now time for you and Player 3 to reveal your hands to determine who the winner is!


You win the Pot with a Full House.

Player 3’s Flush of clubs with an Ace was no match for your cards!


You've learned how to play and enjoy the game of poker. Thank's for following along.

Continue to reference this tutorial and our Poker Hands Ranking page to increase your skill at the game.