Follow These Steps to Great Games

Here we will show you how to begin, how to choose your first game, collect points and tokens, improve your skills, and win cash and prizes!

After you register - and every time you sign in after that at - you'll be taken to the Main Lobby Page.

You'll be awarded 5 Free Tokens just for signing in the first time each day. These will be automatically added to your Tokens bank. Also see the Earn Tokens link to find other ways to get more.

Note at the top right that you can also redeem any Promo Code that you've received for more Tokens and other rewards.

Review the steps below to learn more about our games and how to win, and then begin your CCN experience today after you register to play!



Once you've accepted your free tokens, you will see tabs for the various types of games that you can participate in. We'll describe each of them below.

Each tab represents the different types of poker tournaments with the date and time of the tournament and the Buy-In or Invitation required to get a seat at the table. We'll explain each of those tabs below.

Remember, a 'Buy-In' is still FREE -- you just earn those points by playing!


In general, you will begin by practicing your game play, increasing your skill level, and building up Tokens and Loyalty Points that will be used to get you into the different kinds of tournaments.

Most CCN tournaments have multiple winners! As you progress by winning through the steps and various levels of play in each category, you will continue to build your Loyalty Point and Token balances while earning free invitations to higher-level tournaments.


The Summit Tab offers eight free tournament steps that earn each player Loyalty Points (LP’s), Tokens and Invitations to higher steps and the Triple Crown Series Tournament.

Buy-ins and Invitations here are free. New players should focus on learning poker with games that don't require buy-ins in order to build up their points and tokens for the larger prizes.

  • Win 1 to 200 Tokens
  • 1st through 5th-place winners receive tokens and tournament invitations
  • Earn more LPs the more you play
  • Use Tokens and LPs for buy-in tournaments
  • Summit II Tournament has Quarter, Semi and Final Series
  • First place in Summit II Final pays $10,000 dollars with 2nd-6th place winners receiving $1,000 dollars minimum

The Cash Tab offers several scheduled FREE tournaments that don’t require LPs or Tokens to play. Win and receive more LPs to use in other games.

  • Cash Speed Free Tournaments win $10, $50 and $100
  • $10, $50, $350, $500, $1000 cash tournaments with 50 to 2,000 tokens buy-in

Note that you can see the details of each tournament by clicking on its name in the list. There you'll see all the ways to win, etc.


The Featured Tab includes both cash and token tournaments.

  • Win $50 to $400 dollars in cash
  • Win 7,000-33,000 Tokens
  • Win invitation to the Online TOC Championship, Live Circuit Event
  • Win invitation to the FPN National Championship

These Sit & Go games require a minimum of 1 to 440 Tokens buy-in, and have a big payout!

  • Win 1 to 1,500 tokens for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes
  • These games run all of the time. Look for 'Starting Now' and click on Register.
Sit and go

The Cash Qualifiers Tab offers FREE buy-in for all scheduled tournaments.

  • Win invitations to higher cash tournaments with discounts on the buy-ins
  • $300, $500, and $1,000-dollar qualifiers are running daily

The Prize Qualifiers Tab includes the Level 1-3 Casino Royale and Level 1-4 Token Bankroll Spin-up Tournaments.

  • Win entry into FPN Casino Royale $10,000 Tournament Series
  • Win 500-1,500 Tokens in Token Bankroll Spin-up Tournament

CCN's Ring Games allow poker players to enter or leave the game at any time. Some players may also find that they are more successful at winning tokens through this style of play. The object is to get in, win some tokens and get out when you choose to leave with your stack!

  • Reno Stakes: 1/2; Recommended Buy In: 200 Tokens; Minimum: 20; Maximum: 400; Rake: 10 Percent; Rake Cap: 10 Tokens.
  • Atlantic City Stakes: 2/5; Recommended Buy In: 500 Tokens; Minimum: 50; Maximum: 1,000; Rake: 10 Percent; Rake Cap: 25 Tokens.
  • Las Vegas Stakes: 5/10; Recommended Buy In: 1,000 Tokens; Minimum: 100; Maximum: 2,000; Rake: 10 Percent; Rake Cap: 50 Tokens.
  • Macau Stakes: 10/20; Recommended Buy In: 2,000 Tokens; Minimum: 200; Maximum: 4,000; Rake: 10 Percent; Rake Cap: 100 Tokens.
Ring games

The Lobby Filter allows you to select your favorite style of poker, and what kind of Buy-In that you're looking for.

Choose from these games, and the Buy-Ins that interest you:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • No River Hold’em
  • Royal Hold’em