The Future of Poker

What is in store for the future of poker? The future is approaching faster than we would like to think; it is right around the corner. Yes, it can be a scary thought if you are not prepared. No one can predict the future.

Still, we can see what has happened and what is happening to hopefully give ourselves an educated guess about the future. With that, the game poker is no different. We do not know what lies ahead, but you can bet that there are many smart folks now trying to figure out how to keep the game alive and reinvent it for the generations to come.

What does the future of poker have in store?

The onset of online poker back in the early 2000s brought a whole new dynamic to how people played poker. Poker was reborn for an entire generation to get hooked on the game while making lots of money in the meantime.

That was the past; now 20 years later a lot has changed. Many governments have gotten involved and outlawed online gambling and poker. This had dramatically decreased the popularity of online poker. Sites have had to follow strict rules to remain legal and provide the game of poker to all.

But the regulated sites have creation of private games,  so now people can play with their friends and family; this has given a much-needed boost to the online world. So as with most things today, it is online, here to stay, simplifying our lives. I believe one-day, poker will be entirely online played through virtual reality (VR).

Can live poker survive the future?

As with online poker, live poker has become increasingly harder to win money, with more people studying the game. With so many states that allow gambling establishments, I do not see it going away anytime soon. 

The popularity of life poker has steadily grown throughout the years. However, it is my opinion live poker in the future, not the near future, but not the too distant future., Somewhere in between, live poker will be a thing of the past. Still, for now, it remains fun and popular.

What is next for poker?

Suppose Poker companies want to keep the game relevant and money following. They will need to appeal more to the recreational players and appease the professionals or grinders.

The demand on the recreational side is a much bigger market. They will have to make a more luck-based, fun, quick, and easy game for the new generations to come. As well, get into VR.

All in all, I think the idea of poker is healthy; it is here to stay. Ultimately the way we play the game will change drastically, like through virtual reality. Along with a luck-based game of poker is what will be needed to survive, so future generations to come will enjoy the fantastic game of poker.