Poker as a Side Hustle

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught many people the importance of having a side hustle. Any and everything that can bring in some extra cash is a good thing to have access to. Especially something as fun as online poker!

Some recreational poker players have changed their perception of the game and are improving their skills and strategies. Follow these three tips to earn a steady income from poker.

1. Create More Time to Play

It is difficult to improve in poker if you rarely play. Some people spend many hours discussing, studying and watching poker but they don’t play it. You need to play the game frequently to hone your skills.

Renowned poker players who had full-time jobs while starting out often created some time to play poker in the evening, even if it is half an hour. They would spend a short while in a gymnasium and log into reputable poker sites to choose hands.

The number of tables you will play determines the number of hands you need. For example, you can play 80 hands if you will play at one table.

Generally, a 6-max online poker table deals 80 hands each hour. Thus, you can play 40 hands in 30 minutes.

The hand targets will increase if you opt to play 12, 8, 4, and 2. A Zoom table deals almost 200 hands per hour while an ordinary full-ring table deals 60 hands.

2. Avoid Distractions

Remove distractions from your favorite room if you want to earn more money from poker. You need maximum concentration when learning or playing the game. It is important to notify your family about it to prevent inconveniences.

Consider locking your poker room if you have young hyperactive children. Switch off other electronic devices that are idle. You can switch your phone to airplane mode before you start playing.

Normally, you might be tempted to check your social media accounts. Sign out of each account to avoid receiving text notifications from friends and fans. Close all browsers if you are playing in a poker app.

3. Be Consistent

You need to create a playing schedule if you have little time after work or school. Some companies cannot give you a day off to study or play poker. But, you can spend part of your tea or lunch break learning more about the game.

Being consistent will significantly perfect your skills and eventually increase your profits. You can join poker forums or groups to interact with other players. Besides, YouTube has many tutorials that you can watch to create better strategies.

Don’t get discouraged when you lose several games in a week. Instead, adjust your stake and follow different professional players’ advice. Register at lucrative poker tournaments once you are confident about your gaming prowess.

Some people, especially those who work in busy organizations, barely have time for leisure activities. Others are distracted by their families and cannot concentrate on poker. It is important to learn more about the game and dedicate more time for it to be a side hustle.