Explaining Deep Stack Poker

What does it mean to play deep stack poker? 

To put it simply, deep stack poker means you have a large amount of starting chips that is significantly greater than the value of the big blind (200 or greater).

What does it take to play deep stack poker? 

Other than a lot of chips, it takes a great understanding of how the game is played. The players who choose to play deep stack are aggressive and confident, but at the same time, cautious of their every move. 

What changes now that you are playing deep stack? 

It is the way you play and think about your hands you are playing. As maybe before, you might have bet the farm with ace-king or ace-queen offsuit when you were playing those short stack games with 20 big blind. 

Now that you are playing in the big leagues at 200 big blinds or bigger, it makes those hands virtually worthless. On the other hand, cards with better-implied odds offer a lot stronger chances for a straight or flush, cards like small pocket pairs and random suited connectors along with others.

Position is Everything

While playing deep stack, your position is critical. While you are positioned at the bottom, you will want to take advantage of this situation. This position raises your chances of winning the hand against your opponents because you can check or raise last, giving a strategic advantage. 

Pre-flop Adjustments

In deep stack games, your pre-flop, you will want to play a wider range of cards simply because you have more money to play around with, allowing minimal investment to what could lead to otherwise a sizable gain. Also, keep your opponents confused by playing a greater variety of hands. Keep pressure on your opponents by calling three-betting or even four bettings, all while using less desirable hands while in position. 

Post-flop Adjustments

The flop will turn out one of three ways, right, wrong, or Indifferent. Post-flop adjustments are continual while playing deep stack. For the most part, you will use draw hands since you have been playing aggressively with iffy hands.

While utilizing draws, you will be able to navigate your way out of sticky situations where there is a lot of money on the line. If the flop was right for you, keep your opponents under pressure by playing aggressively and not being afraid to push that deep stack to the middle, but be sure and cautious. If the worst happens and the flop was wrong for you, no worries, you can steal the pot by staying aggressive.

Most likely, your opponent will get nervous and buckle under the pressure of losing such a large amount of money. Deep stack winners do not play scared; they do not depend on luck either. They win by playing aggressively and smart.

The Final Table

The most important thing to take away from all this, deep stack poker is not for everyone. With this style of play comes a lot of inherent risks. If you think it for you, remember, play more hands while in position, 3 bet a lot more if in position, and play aggressively.

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