Celebrities Who Play Poker

Wondering which celebrities who play poker have the best skills? Casino Channel Network highlights the Top 10 celebrity poker players of our day and age. Some are so good, they see this as their full-time jobs!

Rick Salomon

Former husband of Pamela Anderson twice, Shannon Doherty once, and the man who had a little something to do with Paris Hilton. Rick plays in the biggest games all around the world. There is even a story where he won over 30 million over one session, and Pam Anderson had to sue him to get her share during their divorce.

You can see Rick playing on High Stakes Poker regularly. His method or attitude to poker and gambling, for that matter, makes Rick completely unpredictable at a card table. It seems as if money doesn’t exist to him. When you don’t value money and focus on trying to outplay and win hands, it can benefit you greatly from a strategy perspective. It’s nice to have deep pockets.

Jennifer Tilly

Bride of Chucky herself has won the Women’s Championship at the World Series of Poker. She now spends most of her time playing poker on TV with her poker pro husband, Phil Laak. Jennifer is a great player. She has several winning sessions of high-stakes poker logged to watch anytime on demand.

Ben Affleck

One of the biggest celebrities, actors, screenwriters, and directors of our time, Batman here is quite the hero in the poker celebrity community. He won the 2004 California State Poker Championship and is known for his poker prowess. Apparently, Ben has a tremendous mind as he’s actually been kicked out of casinos in the past for card counting in blackjack. Luckily, however, he’s allowed into the poker room.

Matt Damon

Another huge celebrity, Matt Damon, starred in the best poker movie of our time, Rounders. Matt then went and played in the World Series of Poker to promote the film. He got knocked out by none other than poker royalty when his pocket kings ran into Doyle Brunson’s pocket aces.

Ed Norton

Sidekick to Matt Damon in Rounders, Ed also has a knack for the game of poker. In the same World Series event Matt played in, he was knocked out of the tournament when his full house ran into four of a kind. 

Ray Romano

Everybody Loves Raymond star, not everyone tends to love him when he shows up at the poker table. A perennial player at the World Series of Poker, Ray uses his humor at the poker table to try and make you feel comfortable and take all your chips.

James Woods

Best known for his supporting actor role in Ghosts of Mississippi, which he was nominated for. James is a tight but aggressive poker savant. Unlike his role in Casino, where he played the sleazy ex-boyfriend of Sharon Stone, always trying to make a buck the wrong way. James, in real life, is a graduate of MIT and maybe the smartest celebrity player of this day.

Todd Phillips

Director of Old School, The Hangover, and The Joker, Todd Phillips, is also quite the poker player. Besides directing R-rated comedies, Todd’s best cash is in a World Poker Tour event where he took fifth.

Bruno Mars

The Big Game Half-Time performer, before becoming a Grammy-Winning artist, lived out of his limo and saw his career as playing Poker. One to consider if, at one point in time, they say their profession was poker player.

Nick Cassavetes

Director of The Notebook, one of the most endearing love stories of our time. Nick is quite the poker player and host. Supposedly, the book and movie Molly’s Game dealt with his ongoing home games in LA. Which are you favorite celebrities who play poker?