Biggest Poker Technology Shifts

The casino industry has stiff competition that prompts operators to use advanced tools to offer poker players a thrilling gaming experience. Some professionals use complex software to study their opponents’ moves. The following are three big poker technology shifts.

Equity and Odds Calculators

Beginners and experienced poker players who want to understand the game better can use these calculators. An odds calculator helps you calculate your odds of winning in a particular hand.

Sophisticated mathematical equations come in handy when analyzing poker hands. But, it is tricky to do such calculations when you are at the table.

Many poker professionals encounter various situations severally like revising their hands away from a table to make the right mathematical decisions when competing. Poker calculators are useful away from the table and during play. You can enter a hand and community cards on a board.

Choose the number of competitors and enter it. You can enter their hands or leave them blank if you don’t know them. An equity and odds calculator will show you each player’s odds for winning the hand.

For instance, you will have a 30.8 percent equity against two hands if you hold 6-7 on suited the button. The equity will increase to 38.8 percent if your opponent holds Q-K suited pre-flop. But, your equity will drop to 32.6 percent if you have another opponent holding A-3 offsuit.

Poker calculators can help you simulate several situations to understand the odds better while working out various experiences you have had in online poker competitions. For instance, A-Ten suited has 46 percent equity against random two hands while A-7 offsuit has 36.9 percent equity.

Tracking Software

Hold ’em Manager 2 and Poker Tracker 4 are the best poker tracking programs globally. They have similar functionality and one merger company owned them by 2014.

Tracking software examines data from a player’s online poker hand history. It extracts more data files as you continue playing hands. Then, it analyses and interprets the data, and presents it as statistics that you can access while playing as bright-colored figures that are superimposed over your opponents.

The software allows you to select the stats you want it to present and you can access long lists by making one click. They include opponents’ calling and raising frequencies.

For example, if a bettor has 100 hands on a player, they can see that their opponent has played 15 percent of their hands. It is loose to play a quarter of hands and tight playing 5 percent of hands.

Sophisticated Training Tools

Shortly after online poker’s invention, live poker professionals published books that taught amateurs various strategies. For example, Dan Harrington published Harrington On Hold ’em and popularized the tight-aggressive poker style. Some players developed other aggressive and flamboyant strategies.

Today, you can access many online tutorials on how to play poker. Still, you can enroll in an advanced poker course.

Technologies like tracking software give regular players an edge over their rivals. Still, some online casinos allow people to use them. A casino operator can ban you if you use a poker bot to play hands.