Best Poker Cards to Collect

Ever wondered what the best poker cards to collect are? Most poker lovers have used poker cards at least once in their lifetime. Historians claim that the Chinese Tang Dynasty invented playing cards in the ninth century.

So, players have used them for more than a millennium. Yet, some of them get stuck about which cards to choose. Here are the four best poker cards to collect.

1. Tally-Ho and Modiano

This set of poker cards has a beautiful and iconic design. It is appropriate for magicians and players who like using unique cards.

Joe McKeehen played in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event using the Tally-Ho and Modiano cards and won the game. Modiano cards are wholly made of plastic, and their lifespan is 100 times longer than that of plastic-coated or paper-based poker cards. They are fade and crimp resistant, waterproof and washable.

2. Copag Poker Cards

Copag makes a wide array of playing cards whose designs range from back and pip designs to post-modern designs. They suit each player’s bridge and poker preferences.

For example, the Texas Hold ‘Em deck contains an old aesthetic common in Las Vegas, whilst some bridge decks contain native Brazil images and abstract art at the back. The cards consist of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and are durable. They last for many games since you can bend them and are resistant to tear.

Copag cards are unmarkable, and you cannot crease them. They ensure a fair game of poker, and you will feel their quality as you shuffle them at the table. Their back has a raised texture that enables you to deal easily.

3. KEM Classic Cards

Serious poker players need cards that they can hold for hours while dealing, shuffling, throwing down, and folding at the table as their hands beat their opponents. KEM cards are ten times costlier than many playing cards.

These classic cards are made of cellulose acetate, a strong plastic that makes them ideal for the WSOP. This makes KEM a top playing cards manufacturer. The cards don’t tear or scuff and are reliable since you can curl or bend them as you check what you have held.

You can wash these cards if a game gets dirty. They come in different back colors and designs, including modern art. It is important to take care of your cards to avoid spending more money while replacing them.

4. Bicycle Black Ghost Cards

Most amateurs use Bicycle cards when learning how to play solitaire. They are a popular brand worldwide as they are cheap. Cardistry pros and magicians such as David Blaine and Ricky Jay like using them in their shows.

The cards have a smooth air-cushion finish, and they can handle bounce without creasing. It isn’t common for a Bicycle Black Ghost card to bounce face up when a dealer slides it to a poker player.

You can buy a new tablecloth for your kitchen table or frothy refreshments for your poker party. But the type of cards you will use can excite or make other players less enthusiastic. Tally-Ho and Modiano, Copag, KEM, and Bicycle Black Ghost, are the top playing cards that you can buy. Some cards comprise plastic stock, while others have a vinyl or plastic coat.