Luck Versus Skill in Poker

Luck can be a part of everyday life, and poker is no exception. Have you been winning significantly as of late and think you are ready to take your play up to the next level? With the onset of online poker becoming readily available to players of all types, it is no wonder that more players are winning it big these days.

With that in mind, have you ever considered what makes a good poker player? Is it luck that makes the player, or does it require a particular skill set to make it big in poker? Consider this, two players in a heads-up no-limit, all-in hypothetical scenario.

Cards are on the table; who wins? Skill or luck? Obviously, you want fate on your side in that particular situation. Nevertheless, the game of poker is far more complicated than meets the eye. 

Are you feeling lucky?

Sure, luck is not a bad thing to have on your side; who does not appreciate lady luck looking over their shoulder. Still, you can only get lucky so often; chances are you will get dealt more bad hands than good ones.

The fact is that you will be dealt a good hand around 20% of the time. So, if you were to sit down and play 20 hands, the odds are you would be dealt only four good hands, now granted there are always exceptions to the rules. Right, we all have seen it where a newbie sits down and cleans the veteran’s house, sure it happens. Unfortunately, when it comes to cards, luck can only carry you so far. Eventually, the law of probability will deal you a somewhat unfavorable hand. 

I have a particular set of skills! 

The skilled player will have the same 20 percent chance of being dealt those good cards. However, they would prefer to depend on the other 80 percent to carry them through where they make their luck out of being patient and disciplined—getting a feeling from the table, slow playing, waiting in the shadows.

Not playing every good hand they are dealt. As to make their opponents think they made out poorly or going in on wrong hands sacrificing some chips. All to create a false perception to make the table think they are the player they need them to be. Then, when the time is right, they capitalize, taking all those chips the lucky players won earlier—negating all luck in the end. 

As it turns out, poker is a game of skill, 20% luck, 80% skill. When it is all said and done, a player with a luck-alone strategy will only stand a 20% chance of winning as a player with a skillset has a much greater chance of 80% to win the game and take the table in the end.

The fact remains that a lucky player can beat a skilled player; without a doubt, it has happened. However, more time than not, an experienced player will outmaneuver, creating more chances to win. Be that as it may, being lucky is not the worst thing, but knowledge is king! 

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